Illinois River Valley

Posted By: Betty Schlacter // Date: 09/15/2021

My gratitude lessons from my mom and Peoria’s river!

Lucky me as my childhood days were filled with exploring the shoreline of the Illinois River just out my back door. This picturesque river created opportunities for daily discoveries and occasionally life challenges. When the river flooded our back yard that was fun…..when the river invaded our basement it created learning opportunities.  My mom was calm as she cooked on an electric skillet powered by an extension cord from the neighbors house, she was calm as all 6 of us slept in the one warm room and in the morning sent us off to school. I learned to enjoy the excitement of camping in my own house. I learned to cope with adversity.

I celebrate my mom and am forever grateful for her patience as she some how fed, clothed, and loved her family while the picturesque river occupied the basement of our home.

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