See the good

POTENT Gratitude is a way of looking at and finding all that you can be grateful for in life: the good and the positive. POTENT stands for People, Opportunities, Things, Experiences, Nature and Thoughts. These are the gifts we can look for and see every day. When we program our brains through daily journaling, meditation or “POTENT huddles” with our teams, we can begin to shed the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) that characterizes today’s world—and the good starts to stick in our brains.

On the other hand, POTENT also stands for Problems, Obstacles, Troubles, “Eggos” (existential crises), Natural Disasters and Transitions. These are the growth opportunities in life, and we can be grateful for the lessons and accomplishments that arise from overcoming them. They can also be programmed into a daily practice that helps transform the not-so-good into amazing learning experiences. It flips the switch on a challenge and turns it into an opportunity!

Peoria has gone through an amazing few years, with both good times and bad. We are a resilient community that has so much to be grateful for and many great lessons to learn from our past. We are working to change the conversation to a POTENT one as it relates to Peoria’s future.

Potent Gratitude


February 4, 2022

Date: 02/04/2022 I am celebrating the huge piles of snow carefully placed in out of the way areas of parking lots . And I am thankful for the city, county, state crews who are still clearing our streets. A beautiful winter blanket of snow carefully moved allowing us to travel safely.

Potent Gratitude


January 16, 2022

Date: 01/16/2022 I am grateful for the running/walking community in Peoria.  Even on a cold, snowy Saturday runners and walkers at all activity levels get together to explore Peoria on foot.  Our routes take us all over Peoria to explore hidden gems and appreciate the beauty of the seasons.  We have thought provoking conversations and […]

Potent Gratitude

I found this story about a West Virginia reverend who created a diverse congregation in an overwhelmingly white area inspiring

December 1, 2021

Date: 12/01/2021

Potent Gratitude

Farmer’s Markets

November 29, 2021

Date: 11/29/2021 As we enter the season of colder shorter days, my gratitude focus …….Farmer’s Markets!   I appreciate the time, effort, and passion our local farmers invest to bring the delicious fresh that morning picked produce into our city’s markets. I watch as young families, my senior citizen friends, and everyone in between fill […]

Potent Gratitude

Ripples of Value are Potent

November 19, 2021

Date: 11/19/2021  

Potent Gratitude

This Beautiful Fall Day

November 13, 2021

Date: 11/13/2021 Today, I’m grateful for this Fall day and the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature.  Not every day is like this one; in fact, today is exceptional here in the mountains of North Carolina.  We’ve had thunderstorms, hail, rain, and cold weather recently.  That’s what makes today special.

Potent Gratitude

A Place Called Home

September 18, 2021

Posted By: Kay Shank // Date: 09/18/2021 Home–that’s what Peoria is to us. It’s people formed our roots, educationally, socially, and spiritually.  Even though we relocated for two years, we made the best decision to return to our welcoming hometown.   And what makes Peoria our home? It’s more than a physical structure or setting. It’s […]

Potent Gratitude

The Peoria Riverfront

September 17, 2021

Posted By: Mia Woolsey // Date: 09/17/2021 I am grateful for this beautiful park where many weddings, concerts and events occur.  The fountains provide kids with a cool, summertime treat and the new and improved bridge is the perfect backdrop for pictures. My husband and I were married here on May 22, 1999 and I […]

Potent Gratitude

Julia Belle 1971

September 17, 2021

Posted By: // Date: 09/17/2021 Born in Colorado Springs in 1970 at an Army Hospital, I returned home with my parents to Illinois in 1971.  I will never forget the day my mom took me to Peoria to see the Julia Belle docked on the Illinois River.  The historical steamboat came to Peoria in 1971 […]