What is up with that POTENT Gratitude Logo?

Posted By: Bob Woolsey // Date: 09/05/2021

What is the meaning of the blue circles and the yellow one at about 1:00 on the POTENT Gratitude logo? I can explain. The yellow circle symbolizes you. You are at the center of your life. No matter how you look at it, you are in control of you. You can put many things at the center of your life. Most importantly it starts with you. The blue circles are what build out the “Circles of Care”.

The middle blue circle is filled with your Core Relationships. These can be family, friends, co-workers, mentors and many more. I will say thank you to my Core Relationships: my family (Mia, Bennett, Charlie, Edie, Martice, Betty, Sarah, The whole Woolsey and Pratt Family,  The whole Shank and Hall family and of course my dogs). I would also call out my mentors, my MM 2.0 Group, my JBJ Team, Hedy, Marcellus and my church. Who are your Core Relationships? What are you doing today to help grow these awesome relationships?

The next circle out is filled with your Community or the Communities you are a part of……I am grateful to be a part of the Peoria Community, the surrounding Central Illinois Community, the OSF/Children’s Hospital of Illinois Community, the Build Peoria Community, The True Wealth Mentorship Community with EW +, and there are many more. The most important piece of this is to recognize the communities that you are a part of and to engage in making these communities better every day. What communities are you living in? Engaging in? And how can you make them better today?

The next circle out is filled with the Causes that you believe in and are engaged in through your life. I am deeply involved in the cause of developing Peoria as a POTENT Gratitude Community. I am committed to District One in the City of Peoria and working to make it better with projects, advocacy and conversations. I am committed to supporting the young people in Peoria who can make a huge difference in this world if we give them the mentorship, guidance and opportunities they need to succeed. I am committed to The Heller Center for Kids With Cancer and all it is doing and can do to make the lives of families battling pediatric cancer better with a focus on treating the whole person and whole family. There are many other causes that I believe in. How about you? What causes are you engaged in daily? What causes do you want to jump in to?

Finally, the outside of the circle is The World and all that you make up in this world. The world is a “Big” place with lots of amazing wonders. You are a part of the earth, the water, the stars, the spiritual and so much more. I challenge you to explore the world today, tomorrow and everyday and learn something new. What do you know about the world today that you did not know yesterday?

That is about it. Now you know what the “O” in the POTENT Gratitude Logo stands for. I appreciate Central States Media for coming up with this on their own and for Ron Nakamoto for guiding the “Circles of Care” concept through his EW + Network. I especially thank Brent Owens for coming up with the Circles of Care model. It has made a huge impact on my life and the lives of others.

With gratitude,


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