What Launching This Site Means to Me

Posted By: Ron Nakamoto // Date: 09/02/2021

I’m very grateful for this website and the POTENT Gratitude model itself. We live in a world of seemingly endless negative news: Covid, natural disasters, political divisiveness, social unrest, etc. A lot of us are emotionally exhausted from this negativity, the stress it causes, and the everyday struggles we go through to deal with it all.  

But then there’s POTENT Gratitude; a place to deal with all this negativity; a place to find the good things in life – even small things – and savor them, share them, be inspired by them. It’s a really great place to offer something simple yet very worthwhile, something that can change a person’s day and maybe even someone’s life.

Finally, I’m grateful for Bob Woolsey’s energy and leadership in initiating this movement in Peoria. Without Bob, POTENT Gratitude or POTENT Gratitude Park wouldn’t happen. But with him, who knows how far this can go to make lives better?

2 responses to “What Launching This Site Means to Me”

  1. Betty Schlacter says:

    The beginning of success often starts with encouragement from a friend, thanks Ron.

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks Ron You have been my inspiration to make this happen. With gratitude, Bob

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